Purchase Terms & Conditions

IRF World Road Statistics (WRS)
General Terms and Conditions

This section outlines the Terms and Conditions governing the purchase and use of the IRF World Road Statistics data, in both published and digital/electronic formats, produced by the International Road Federation (Geneva, Switzerland) hereafter referred to as ‘IRF’.

1. Copyright

1.1 All the contents, logos and design of the IRF World Road Statistics data and products, and any accompanying materials sent to you by post or electronically, in conjunction with IRF World Road Statistics are the property of, and copyrighted by, IRF.

1.2 Reproducing portions of, or in its entirety, the contents of the IRF World Road Statistics, for any year (or more than one year), is prohibited without getting prior written (emails are acceptable) consent from IRF. Reproduction of small extracts of raw data/tables from the IRF World Road Statistics is possible after getting written consent from IRF. This use is limited to the purposes identified in the communication asking for the consent. The consent provided by IRF, regardless of the request, is a one-time consent, which elapses as soon as the data/tables have been used for the stated purposes.

1.3 WRS data can be used for analytical purposes, manipulated and transformed. All use of the data/ tables, or anything else derived from the IRF World Road Statistics has to clearly identify the source of the data as “©IRF World Road Statistics”.

1.4 Copying, publishing, or in any other way disseminating, or making publicly available, the unmodified and unaltered contents of the IRF World Road Statistics, partially or in its entirety, is not permitted under any circumstances.

2. Transfer Restrictions

2.1 Unless otherwise specified and agreed in a signed separate agreement, the purchase of the World Road Statistics is to be considered as a “single licence” and is therefore strictly limited to personal use of the individual or division/unit acquiring the data. Multi-licence agreements for companies and other organisations/institutions are possible and are bilaterally negotiated and signed between IRF and the company/organisation/institution.

2.2 The contents, partial or in their entirety, in published or digital/electronic form, cannot be transferred, made available, sold to third parties or be commercially exploited in any way nor they can be used for publicity or propaganda purposes.

2.3. Access to the IRF World Road Statistics DataWarehouse expires upon release of the next WRS edition, around 31st August each year. After this date, access to the DataWarehouse will be possible through the purchase of a new license.

3. Ownership of data

3.1 All data in the IRF World Road Statistics are owned exclusively by the IRF.  Purchase of the IRF World Road Statistics, in any form, does not transfer ownership to the purchaser under any circumstances.

4. Disclaimer

4.1 The IRF makes no express or implied warranties concerning the data included in their publication and compilation of data, particularly no warranty of accuracy or fitness for a particular purpose or use and no warranty against infringement of the proprietary or other rights of third parties. The IRF shall not be liable for any damages or losses whatsoever in respect of the IRF World Road Statistics data and/or third parties use of the IRF World Road Statistics data and products.

4.2 The IRF is not responsible for any errors made by inappropriate use of the data from IRF World Road Statistics or for errors in interpretation and conclusions resulting from erroneous use of the data.