The IRF Data Warehouse

The IRF Data Warehouse is a web-based global platform for the collection and management of road data

Initiated thanks to the generous support of the Total Foundation, the IRF Data Warehouse is a web-based global road data platform and warehouse that can complement and support national and regional efforts around collection and management of data and also significantly contribute to analysis, capacity building and advocacy activities around a number of topics.

Using the entire Millennium time series (data 2000-2019) of the IRF World Road Statistics the platform enables immediate and effective data analysis and is complemented by a series of dashboards and interactive data visualisation tools.

Overall, the Data Warehouse is intended to deliver value by improving data collection methods, storage, sharing, analysis, and improved usage to provide more effective data driven policies and activities, especially with regard to road safety.

The platform is programmed in a way that allows plug-in and integration of other datasets and aims at supporting – amongst others – the work around the Regional Road Safety Observatories being set up in different regions of the world.

As part of the the annual World Road Statistics data collection, countries and entities working with IRF receive personalised access to the Data Input Portal section of the Data Warehouse and provide the input for their country. The IRF Statistics team then conducts thorough data verification and validation, including through built-in online as well as offline mechanisms. Once the data is complemented and finalised, this is pushed to the live front end of the Data Warehouse.

The front end of the Data Warehouse, to which interested parties can obtain access, enables interactive visualisation of the World Road Statistics data using various types of pre-defined charts. For example, users may compare national statistics of multiple countries over time, or compare several metrics for one country over time. This can be viewed either in chart or in tabular form, and is also available for download. Depending on the type of license purchased, users can also extract downloads of the entire WRS data set, or view predefined dashboards.

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IRF World Road Statistics 2021

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