The IRF Data Warehouse

The IRF Data Warehouse is a web-based global platform for the collection, management and free visualisation of road data 

The IRF Data Warehouse is a web-based global road data platform and warehouse that can complement and support national and regional efforts around the collection and management of data and also significantly contribute to analysis, capacity building, and advocacy activities around a number of topics.

Overall, the Data Warehouse is intended to deliver value by improving data collection methods, storage, sharing, analysis, and improved usage to provide more effective data driven policies and activities, especially with regard to road safety. 

The IRF World Road Statistics are AVAILABLE FOR FREE through the IRF Data Warehouse Online Platform, thanks to the support of the TotalEnergies Foundation and the Michelin Corporate Foundation. This latest 2023 edition encompasses data for over 200 countries / territories and over 200 indicators. The free version entails the most recent six years of data (for the years 2016-2021), whilst the Millennium data (for the years 2000-2021) remains available for purchase.

How is data collected?

As part of the annual World Road Statistics data collection, countries and entities working with IRF receive personalised access to the Data Input Portal section of the Data Warehouse and provide detailed input for their country. The IRF Statistics team then conducts thorough data verification and validation, including through built-in online as well as offline mechanisms. Once the data is complemented and finalised, this is pushed to the live front-end of the Data Warehouse. 

Data Visualisation

The platform has been designed in an interactive way to permit users to easily visualise the World Road Statistics data. The platform allows users to, for example, compare national statistics of multiple countries over time, or compare several metrics for one country over a specific period of time. Data can be displayed online as a chart or in tabular form alongside all applicable notes. 

Users can also choose to export the data in various formats (images, .csv, .xls etc.) 

There are also several Road Safety focussed WRS Dashboards available through the IRF Data Warehouse. They are available at regional and national level, and also allow comparison between countries.

For insights into the Data Warehouse watch the two-minute intro video or the eight-minute detailed tutorial.

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