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IRF provides insights into the sector and beyond by annually publishing the World Road Statistics (WRS) and by facilitating analysis and use of data via the IRF Road Data Warehouse.

The IRF World Road Statistics

The IRF has been producing the IRF World Road Statistics (WRS) for over 60 years. Since 1964, the World Road Statistics (WRS) have been an invaluable reference tool for stakeholders and researchers who want to analyse, understand and report on worldwide, regional and national trends and developments in surrounding various topics such as: Road networks – Road traffic volumes – Multi-modal transport – Vehicle fleets – Country profile – Road accidents – Production, first registrations, imports and exports of vehicles – Expenditures and revenues on road infrastructure, Energy and much more. For testimonials from various leading organisations on the breath and quality of the WRS data visit the section Testimonials.

How are the World Road Statistics collected?

The uniqueness and quality of the IRF WRS data draws on the fact that it is collected annually through a survey administered by the IRF to a solid network of primary statistical sources (National Ministries of Transport, Public Works, Road & Transport Authorities, Statistical Offices, etc.). The collected data then undergoes a thorough process of statistical verification and validation, involving comparisons with other sources and reconciliations of definitions and units of measurements until data is found to be fully harmonised.

The data is verified for internal consistency and comparison versus previous years’ submissions, and follow-ups with the primary sources are conducted as necessary. To further complement the submitted input, data is compiled from national statistical yearbooks as well as from various other reputable sources at international and inter-governmental levels.

The definitions applied are based on the Glossary of Transport Statistics (ITF/EUROSTAT/UNECE).

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IRF World Road Statistics 2023

The 60th edition of the World Road Statistics is now available. Access the data now through the IRF Data Warehouse portal.